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so it occurs to me… is Proxy human? or is he a magic construct not so different from the robots were are so used to from shiden? It only occurs to me that the art of homunculi and golems has been around for centuries so is it possible thats what proxy is given his strength and durability?

I think he’s a sort of mage, as in he got magic but instead of, as other do focusing the magic outwards in order to create changes to the enviroment. He instead focuses his magic inwards to strenghten his body and pull of feats no normal human can do. In dnd terms, a conjuration wizard would create firebolls and lightningbolts while an enchantment wizard would cast strenghtening spells that affect the body, couple that with the monks martial arts and you got one dangerous being. Well dont know about anyone else but Proxy will definetly be my next character project.

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