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Err, her ring changed hands? It was on her left hand last time, and now it’s gone to her right (the one she touched Phil with).

Uhhh… Actually I had missed the ring and added it while inking… Which I do mirrored so… I screwed up. I’ll fix it when I get up…it’s 745am and I haven’t slept yet…

Might i ask why mirrored? Is there some advantage?

Absolutely. The brain is a weird thing that likes to fill in gaps and arrange things so they make more sense. While drawing, it’s very common to see something that is “close” as being “the same” or “correct”. So in order to make sure what you are looking at is “real” (this may sound strange but it’s 100% legit- i’ll explain a bit more soon) you look at it from a different viewpoint. Mirroring is one of the best ways to do this. When you mirror it, your brain suddenly goes “ok you are not looking at the same picture anymore” and it stops filling in for you and you see the image as it is- and makes flaws stand out. So an image that looks perfectly fine to the artist, might actually be distorted or an eye may be larger or smaller than it should be. The mirroring technique allows the artist a way to better see and correct these mistakes. A person viewing art has no need for this because they see the image completed as is, so their brain isn’t filling in information on the image. Another method is to do your sketch and then come back to it after a few days or even a week, and the data that was filling things in is usually gone by then and we can now see the image as it is rather than “how we imagine it”. This is also often why artist who go back and look at their old work hate it, because they see the flaws they didn’t before.

To put it simply, if you draw something and you mirror it, if something looks weird it isn’t because you mirrored it, it’s because it was wrong or off to begin with, you just didn’t see it.

This Mirroring technique is also used by people who are Dyslexic, allowing them to check their writing to make sure they didn’t jumble anything up while writing.

Life’s phrasing seems weird would seem smoother if it were easily instead of simply or if simply were at the end of the statement, though it could also be to show bleed over from missing however many generations of language shift and still having to get used to modern speech(he doesn’t seem the type to spend time talking with the other magi over hunting weapons to try preparing to kill the Null so I could see him having far less practice than death, who has probably has nothing better to do than play with social media all day)

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