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Those really are all of Blues fantasies, at least from around high school age, but the current events….

Blue is less subtle about these things. Also, we haven’t seen any evidence that she can draw herself, though she could have gotten them commissioned. On the other hand, she’d likely get them commissioned from Phil, and Phil would remember actually drawing them, so that makes this more complicated.

I think I’ll blame one of the robot girls working for Shiden, possibly the tiny one.

Im actually leaning towards the shrine maiden, at least for the writing side of the Ln, she may have writen it meaning for it to be almost a documentary kind of thing, and somone gave her post it which lead to its current state. Could also be penpen, didn’t he try to record phil and kate for jello funds way back.

But yeah could easily be one of the robot girls, i doubt it will be a new character, it feels like sage wants us to be able to guess it at this point. Does feel way to indirect for blue though.

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