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Ah yes. It’s all fun and games until you convince the GM that you can use a sigil to alter the rod’s inertial reference frame on a trigger and then make the most overpowered snare-trap ever.

I’m fairly certain Michelle did an excellent job describing the comic in one sentence in that last panel.

That said I’m sure we’ve all had our own unusual stories from around the game table that fall under the same banner. The door stops box is going to be interesting and heaven help us if Shiden or Kate decide to create them in the real world. I just really hope they’re anchored in a geostationarily relative position and not an absolute position or that could get REALLY destructive very quickly as they slam in people, buildings, or even just the planet at rather terrifying speeds.

Of course I can see that as the kind of thing that Phil very quickly brings up after learning about the project before coming up with a hundred crazy things to do with it.

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