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Heh, sharing the items around means it’s less “one person metagaming” and more twinked-out alts (err, in the gaming sense of a character decked out in gear).

I’ve played and ran enough games where the party all get a special item each at the start.

I think I recognize three items without having to browse any of the books: a set of Ring Gates, an Alchemist’s Jug, and a Daern’s Instant Fortress.

Not fully sure about the Ring Gates, given their size, but it’s currently my best guess.

Hey hey!
I’m glad I’m not the only one..
You beat me to it.
I’m going to also guess the two gold arm bands are *wink wink* just jewelry (and hopefully kate can recreate their other affects outside of their vacation). Nice A.I. ref.
The little amulet in the bottom right of panel one feels strangely familiar.
I’m going to wager that is a hander haversack, or something akin to it in the bottom left.
Then the red fabric…
Could be the portable hole, but those should be either rolled up, or folded with care. Maybe a flying carpet? Or! An infinity scarf!
-Meoi Lass

Let me see if I can name everything…
lower left: likely a Haversack, but with food and water on it, it may be a tool for the spell Create Food and Water.
next to it: Alchemist’s Jug. It matches the image in the dungeon master’s guide
lower right: I think I remember a magic item described as a cog necklace, but I can’t remember what it does.
above it: possibly a scarf or sash. I remember an item looking like that and iirc it is for defending against spells
top right: Decanter of Endless Water.
top left: possibly Ring Gates from 3.5e, but they are too small for that.
top middle three: Daern’s Instant Fortress is instantly recognizable, and I know there is a key wonderous item but I can’t remember what it’s called. The last item I don’t know.

The rings might be magicians bands as a reference to his other comic

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