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hence,, take out the healer,, first..
this is for the non gamers.. typical party (of 4): Tank / Fighter [ has armor and abilities to absorb massive damage, before actually being hurt.] .. two DPS (Damage Per Second) [ deal massive damage, while the fighter keeps boss busy.] usually casters (magic users.) .. and healer [ job is to keep party alive so they can finish boss..] .. now i prefer 5 in a party, preferably a fighter class. and their job is to protect the healer from minions.
Now,, if the party has abilities, (IE: Paladins & Druids has healing ) or items, then the healer can keep every one in longer..

It’s hilarious how many ppl equate ‘immortality’ with ‘unkillable’. Not being subject to aging or disease hardly means you’re gonna be fine with your head lopped off, your bones ground to dust and burnt on a pyre. Dropped in a sun, black hole. Have an antimatter bomb go off next to you. A dagger run through your eye…

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