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Aren’t the undead immune to polymorphing spells? Or did 5e lift that limitation? 😉

In Pathfinder/d20, Polymorph was not an offensive spell, and could be automatically shrugged off by any hostile. In 5e, it is indeed usable on undead (and other things) offensively.

You are possibly thinking of Mind-Affecting spells, since in Pathfinder/d20 Undead auto-pass Will saves.

Not to mention that in 5E, most powerful entities have a thing called legendary resistance, where they can automatically turn a failed saving throw into a success a certain number of times a day

But I find it hard to believe that Phil wouldn’t account for something like that

No. it did work!

Certain bosses are immune to poly, yes, but that only includes its physical form, the dragon form is immune.
but,his powers are gone!
phill is right poly did its job it erased all hostile spell ability by locking out the undead dragon magic schools, i did this to a undead dragonkin spell caster back in wow during when you could kill a undead non flagged player with a healing spell,poly couldnt transform the dragonkin,but he could cast any spell till you broke silence part of spell

Uhh- wha- huh? This- this is not WoW, none of that makes sense here.

Sage wow used dnd rules back in the alpha and first release before you could cast poly instead rather then have to cast silence was mana hog back in the time poly is 3 spells in one and far cheaper and faster to cast even dnd

First off- No. No it wasn’t. Poly is not faster in D&D, it’s not better than silence, it’s not easier to get access to- none of that makes any sense, and what the heck is this talk about WoW using D&D rules? What even? No. No. WoW didn’t use D&D rules. There are similar names for types of magic and stuff like that- but that’s a general fantasy thing, not a D&D thing or WoW thing- just fantasy magic systems.

When WoW was made, 3.5 was out for D&D- at that time Silence was a 2nd level spell, and so long as you didn’t target the person and just the area- it was pretty much a 100% guarantee silenced area that stops spells that require verbal components. Polymorph is (and was) 4th level spell, much higher, and back then- COULDNT BE USED ON ENEMIES. 5E D&D does- but they get a save to resist it- and if you resist it- your resist ALL of it. You don’t get partial effects. Back then, to use polymorph on an enemy you needed Baleful Polymorph, which was a whole level higher tier of spell!

Finally, talking to my friend who did play WoW back in Alpha- doesn’t know what you are talking about either because anything immune to polymorph was not affected partially, it was immune to all of the effects- as it should be. Also confirmed it did not use any D&D rules.

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