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Will be interesting to see how this one goes. Cutesy attitude at least on the surface, but clearly more thoughtful than the last. Also in most settings 9-tailed kitsune tend to be Serious Business. Probably best not to get too disarmed by the cutesy demenor, and ear wiggles, and fluffy tails and… oh… ^_^

Oh, I’ll bet her clothes are magic!

Ah, the deep wisdom of one truly venerable, who’s been keeping up with Kalahan’s notes. No anti-magically induced wardrobe faux pas today.

Although, would the Null dispel a magic support bra? 🤔 It can get fairly selective.

I think that second balloon in the first panel isn’t pointed correctly, unless she invited herself in after asking which way to come through.

It might’ve been interesting to see what would’ve happened with her regular clothes… but this is a lot more considerate. Not hard to be more considerate than the guy whose opening act was ‘send in a kill-bot’ though.

…is it just me, or does she seem disappointed that he could tell she was a nine-tail kitsune right off the bat? Kinda gives the impression she’s the sort that likes shocking people just to see their reactions.
…probably why she mentioned how most of her clothes just *are* magic, just to put the idea in Phil’s head what would have happened had she *not* brought non-magic clothes.

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