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Short and stacked and full tailed, check, check, and check. Needs new clothes, check. Phil is “too open” and may need poly punishment, check and double check. Yuki was made and Phil was maid to do this shopping! [Of course, I have no magic precognition … but it is fun to speculate.]

I hadn’t realized her being vertically challenged from the previous pages. I might like her even more now…

“Because she’s a complete stranger, and we don’t know how she’ll respond” would be a good answer.

Yeah, I’m not following things here. When he says open, it sounds like he means to open up. Everyone else here seems to be implying that they’re in an open relationship—something we have no evidence toward (at least, not that I’ve seen).

well as said before Kate controls the Harem Phil’s just part of it though I think its implied he is the one who brings the girls in and Kate decides if they can stay

if she was added to the harem, what would happen to her if Phil tried something

nothing much – its been shown and stated that his magic neutralization is somewhat intelligent… he can be affected by magic that he doesnt mind and can interact with magical beings that are not trying to harm him just fine… its essentially smart enough to figure out what is a threat and what is not (and at this point, there might even be some conscious controlling influence from phil – though that is speculation on my part)

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