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#2578 published on 12 Comments on #2578

So! I’m pretty sure the first panels is a joke. I know, “Didn’t you write the comic? Shouldn’t you know for sure if it is or isn’t?” Some characters have a life of their own in my head. I’m sure it’s a joke- I just don’t know if it started as one. I can totally hear him saying “If you practice a lot you get used to it-” only to realize- well- while that is true that’s pretty incredible- actually- really didn’t think about it- and as he’s interpreting it he jokes comparing himself to an android. Jokes like he forgot that- and then seriously addresses when he thinks it started.


It really is a constant miracle that this kimono doesn’t just fall off

Yeah, I’m just going to assume there is a rather stiff wire(s) running through the golden parts of the outfit making it all form fitting. Either that or she’s rolling the dice that the null doesn’t invalidate whatever magic is holding it up in the back.

That being said, I may be underestimating seamstresses in general. They can be rather magical when they put their minds to it.

It seems possible that the null’s abilities don’t just nullify, but rather absorb – this would allow for conservation of energy, while also making Phil more powerful if he absorbed a quantity of magic much greater than what was required to stop that magic from effecting him.

If Phil is less winded he is likely just using less oxygen, which is what a normal body does as muscles gets more efficient with training. So there is less free energy absorbed from the atmosphere (and used from body reserves of glykogen et cetera). But of course you can imagine that magic is meddling with that.

Did the outsider on p.2490 (2022-02-25)
try to make him old/weak/fatigued and give the Null power a chance to practice nullifying that? Or does sparring with an orichalcum-powered android count as fighting off something “touched by magic”?

Possibly both with a side of “magic powers get stronger from use”
Also note that his powers consider harm caused by “inaction on the part of magic” as being harmed by magic.

Those kinds of powers are particularly terrifying, as long as something can be rationalized to be covered by the power it’ll have influence over it. Like Bink from the Xanth series, the power can rationalize that someone knowing about it would harm Bink even though that’s not really the power’s fault but it manages to act as if it is and have ridiculous reality-warping powers as a result.

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