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Sado looks more normal like this, I liked her glowing white eyes too though.

For the people that might’ve forgotten. Jade and Cyan were part of the defense team when Lilith came to kill Shiden, Cyan nearly got killed by Lilith before Phil stepped in and was only saved by transferring her to a new body.

Jade still has some trauma from that it seems, or maybe she also was on the receiving end of Lilith’s aggressive flirting?

Viking messed up a little bit. Jade is not part of the defense team when Lilith went on a rampage. Jade is a tech, and not a combat one. She is also one of the longest running reoccurring “Background characters” of the series. Cyan was on the team, and was the one that was blown apart, having to be swapped into another body.

Jade did go on a combat mission, but as a tech, and did so- for the money. She has a tendency to do minimal work and spends a lot on her hobbies – of which she has a bunch of because she prioritizes her free time over everything else, trying to find a hobby she really enjoys. She likes many of them, and keeps up on them while always finding and trying new things- which is why she occasionally needs to take on extra work, even if it’s dangerous work, to pay for them! That is where she had an – extended interaction with Lilith 😀

I went by memory and while I recalled she was part of the situation I for some reason thought Jade was there both as a fighter and help with patching them up afterwards, where Lilith harassed her for some clothes. As hevensdragon pointed out, she was there just for the fixing up and hiding under the table part.

why is her name cyan when she’s pink?

She used to be colored cyan, but had to get transferred to a new body after getting baddly hurt.

Yep, and also back then they said “She isn’t even Cyan anymore!” which she replied with “My name wasn’t Cyan JUST because of my hair!” at which Tex replied back – “She’s Bubble Gum now!” – Leading us to Lilith’s comment here. Nothing like making a call back to a comic from 12 years ago… Well- 11 years and 10 months- and a 20 days? 21?- or is it- crap- we’ve had 3 leap years- since- so- bah- i need to sleep!

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